This section covers the basics of estate planning.  You can click the links above for a wealth of estate planning information.  Beckett Financial Group is an advisor* and proud affiliate of The Estate Planning Source network.  Watch the video below to learn about this fantastic resource and how their services can protect your legacy and loved ones.

As a leading national document fulfillment organization, The Estate Planning Source offers one of the finest revocable living trust document packages available, matured through more than 1,000 Network attorneys.  The Estate Planning Source has a national Network of attorneys and advisors, making its business model one of the most unique in the industry. Together, advisors and attorneys work as a team to help their clients obtain the best documents for their estate. This team aspect helps attorneys strengthen their business, while the advisor is able to support their client from start to finish by assisting with the non-legal aspects of the estate planning process.

The Estate Planning Source - "We Know Estate Planning"

*Beckett Financial Group are NOT attorneys and do not offer or provide legal advice.  All content on this page is for informational use only.